CV / Portfolio

Adam Błaszkiewicz

• Mainly interested in programming computer graphics, particularly real-time
• I'm not really an artist but I include my old artistic stuff anyway
• Contact me:


    I have 12 years of experience in software development, with first published freeware product back in school times. Of this, about 5 years strictly commercial, including:
  • - Web & Mobile development
  • Imagination Technologies - working on OpenGL ES ray tracing extension and hardware ray tracing driver for PowerVR
  • Neurosoft sp. z o.o. (Poland) - OCR-ing registration plates of cars
  • Linkbook Poland sp. z o.o. (Poland) - Android programming
  • Atablash LTD (United Kingdom) - Android and iOS programming, self-publishing
  • Wrocławski Portal Informatyczny - writing articles
  • Vratis sp. z o.o. - implemented encoding of medical imaging video using FFMPEG; implemented some linear algebra algorithms to remove alglib dependencies

  • 12th place in Algorithmic Engagements 2015 (also 14th in AE2014), organized by University of Warsaw and Google
  • Got ~60k downloads of my paid mobile apps

  • J-Fizo (2014) - insanely hard puzzle game for Android / iOS - the idea came from automata theory, theoretical computer science. Includes level editor.

  • • Facebook integration - authentication, custom stories for each level
    • Common platform independent code in C++/OpenGL ES

    Android client:
    • OpenGL ES
    • Java, C++
    • Android NDK / Java JNI

    iOS client:
    • OpenGL ES
    • Objective-C, C++

    Server with leaderboard and player statistics:
    • Django
    • Python, SQL
    • Nginx, uWSGI
    • PostgreSQL
    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery

  • Magic Butt (2012) - interactive female buttocks simulation for Android (as a live wallpaper). Also 3 other similar apps, including one for iOS.
• OpenGL ES
• Java
• Android SDK
• Eclipse
• Accelerometer, multitouch
• Some gaussian-shaped masks
• A tool to export image masks to custom file format
• Some high-pass and low-pass filtering
• Some interpolation

Also in modified versions with cats and breasts:
• Frame-based blended animation.
• Gyroscope used for 3D quaternion rotation.
• Simple ragdoll physics for the hanging necklace.

  • Mandelbox (2011) - real-time raytracing of fractals, e.g. mandelbox, a beautiful n-dimensional fractal discovered in 2010.

    • nVidia CUDA
    • C++
    • Visual Studio
    • Raytraces discretely using given function for testing points in space (inside/outside of fractal)
    • Coloring based on selected branches in point test function
    • Ambient occlusion-like effect

  • CSG (2013) - real-time constructive solid geometry on triangle meshes.

    • Boolean operations on solids (union, difference, intersection)
    • Infinite adaptive terrain
    • Single-precision floating point arithmetic with extensive geometry fixing (transition to higher precision makes artifacts nearly impossible for random tests)
    • Binary FBX loading
    • DirectX, DirectWrite
    • On the left: 3 round objects cut from the ground
    • I'm working on the next version based on new idea

  • Jim in Space (2015) - a simple physics-based puzzle game prototype made with Unity.
  • • Idea for the game, music and assets by Kamil Wolter
    • Unity 5
    • Some real-time by-vertex deformations of the balloon
     Play the game prototype here!
       (Shadows don't work in Web Player)


    Algorithms, data structures
    • General contest-like algorithms - text, graphs, geometry
    • Geometry / linear algebra - collisions, raytracing, kd-trees, matrices, quaternions, ...
    • Computer vision / image processing - basics; filters, FFT, pyramids, SIFT/GLOH, panorama stitching, ...

    Programming languages
    • C++ - my favorite, especially since C++11. I enjoy reading Herb Sutter's books and GotW. I constantly develop my small template library (mainly algorithms, ~15k lines). I mainly use MinGW-w64 on Windows.
    • Java - a few Android apps
    • JavaScript
    • C#
    • Objective-C
    • Python
    • SQL (PostgreSQL, mySQL, SQLite)
    • Ruby
    • Pascal, Object Pascal (Delphi), Prolog, Haskell, OCaml, PHP, ActionScript, MAXScript, ... - a bit rusty I guess.

    APIs, etc.
    • OpenGL - graphics API of my choice. GLEW, glu, glut, glm, gli
    • Direct3D - a few projects
    • PhysX
    • CUDA
    • FreeType
    • DirectWrite
    • Autodesk FBX SDK
    • sqlite3, zlib, jsoncpp

    Plugin APIs
    • 3ds Max - geometry exporting
    • Photoshop - filter plugin for background/foreground separation using GrabCut algorithm (based on graph cuts)

    • Visual Studio - spent quite a lot of time with it. C++ / C#
    • Eclipse - for Java and some C++ using CDT
    • Android Studio
    • Unity 5
    • Xcode - iOS apps

    • Git, Perforce

    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript - a few simple pages
    • jQuery
    • Meteor (Node.js framework)
    • Django - backend for J-Fizo, REST API, leaderboard for J-Fizo
    • PHP - a few simple pages and TCP server
    • DNS - basic configuration
    • Nginx - basic configuration
    • Apache, PHP, Flash/ActionScript - a bit rusty

    Other software
    • Photoshop - all the time
    • Illustrator
    • SketchUp, ZBrush, 3ds Max

    • FL Studio (Fruity Loops) - some old amateur stuff

    • (2007)

    • Premiere Pro, After Effects, Boujou


    Maps / mods for video games
    • Valve Hammer (Worldcraft) - Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source


    • TES Construction Set - small mods for Morrowind and Oblivion

    Old and funny
    • UAD (2006) - Upload Auto-Downloader. A program I wrote in 9th grade (3rd grade of Polish gymnasium). It downloaded files from upload sites like RapidShare, along with homebrew OCR for breaking their captchas, proxy switching and internet reconnecting to obtain a new IP from ISP.

    Also a website in PHP, where users could contribute to the links database.

    • Released as freeware
    • "Popular" mark on CNET's